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John Feigert Fireworks Newspaper Clip

Meet The Owner: John Feigert

Pyro Enterprises' owner John Feigert has a decades-long career in pyrotechnic production, working in the consumer and commercial fireworks industry for some of the world's oldest and largest professional display companies. John was born in West Palm Beach, Fl, and relocated to Atlanta, Ga, after graduating from Florida State University. His entry into the field was serendipitous; in 1978, he answered a newspaper ad by the Japanese company K&K International looking for local help to grow their fireworks business in Georgia. The company hired John as a salesman, where he quickly thrived, becoming their Sales Manager. He first worked with the Atlanta Braves during this time, helping produce the large-scale pyrotechnics for the team's finale shows. 

In 1980, discouraged by the restrictions of working for someone else, John left K&K to form his own company, Southern International Fireworks. He moved to a rented warehouse in Rock Hill, South Carolina, that doubled as his office and apartment. Sleeping on an iron cot with carpet for a mattress, John worked from sun up to sun down during the company's formative years, propelling his natural aptitude for sales and enjoyment of the industry to lead Southern International to become a direct competitor of K&K (and ultimately surpassing them in sales and success). 

John moved the company back to Atlanta in 1982, and he saw immense success here and honed his expertise until eventually selling the company in 1994. For a brief period during the late 90s, John worked in fireworks-adjacent industries. He established companies that promoted special effect productions such as searchlights, balloon displays, airdancers, and indoor pyrotechnics. 

In 1998, John returned to the fireworks industry, becoming Sales Manager for the South East region at Pyrotecnico, one of the largest fireworks companies in the country. He resided here until his semi-retirement in 2017. 

Not one to sit still for too long, John now helms Pyro Enterprises; his mission is to more easily facilitate the sale and display of best consumer fireworks to all populations at an affordable price. His expertise and experience are unparalleled. 


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