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In addition to our fireworks shows, we also offer different pyro products to enhance your event

Feel free to contact us with any questions! 

People watching fireworks

Fireworks Displays

We offer four package tiers for our professional fireworks displays. However, please contact us to discuss how we can personalize a show for your event!

Wedding Confetti

Weddings & Sparklers

We have a plethora of sparklers and other indoor pyrotechnic options to add an extra spark to your wedding! 

Baby Girl Smoke

Gender Reveal

Girl? Boy? Find out with an awesome gender reveal celebration using our blue or pink colored smoke canisters and fireworks cakes! Or, contact us to set up your own personalized professional gender reveal show. 

Cake Sparklers

Special Occasions

Two people watching a fireworks.

Cremation Fireworks

Kids watching the fireworks.


No matter what the occasion, Pyro Enterprises has it all! Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, graduation, or special event with colorful confetti, indoor bottle service sparklers, and metallic streamers! 

While the loss of a loved one is anything but easy, Pyro Enterprises offers a unique way to honor and celebrate the life of a deceased family member or friend. 

We love supplying Hindu temples and practitioners with enough products to light up the whole sky for the Festival of Lights! 

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